Our Software Ecosystem


The FreedomBox software is available for download for free. FreedomBox is free and open source software and is licensed under the AGPL version 3. FreedomBox is a Debian pure blend, which means that the FreedomBox system and 100% of the software inside of it are based in the Debian ecosystem.


The FreedomBox software ecosystem is actively developed by a global community of contributors. Though we always welcome new contributors, many of our developers have been working on FreedomBox for years. Their expertise and steady contributions have grown FreedomBox into a flourishing software ecosystem. The community releases new versions of FreedomBox approximately once every two weeks, which usually include patches, new features, and UI updates. The FreedomBox community also manages a separate website for the FreedomBox software at freedombox.org. At this website, the latest version of the FreedomBox software is available for download for free. You can also find a video explaining how to set up a FreedomBox on the FreedomBox website.


The FreedomBox community uses a few platforms to collaborate on development efforts.

Our software itself is developed on our GitLab instance on salsa.debian.org. There, you can find our source code, issue tracker, and release planner.

Users in need of support can go to our forum. The forum is the home of discussions about FreedomBox. Our community also maintains the FreedomBox wiki, which has an extensive user manual, release notes, and other helpful material for users. The wiki also has a contributor's guide for coding, designing, documenting, marketing, and localizing FreedomBox.

The FreedomBox software is available in more than five languages and is being translated into more than twenty languages. Our community translates using the open source translation platform Weblate. You can help us translate here. We are also a proud partner of Localization Lab, which helps with our localization efforts.

Our community also provides technical support to users. If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach us at our mailing list or by asking on our IRC channel.

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