A New Stable Version of FreedomBox

Posted 2019-07-16

The FreedomBox Foundation is pleased to announce that a new stable version of the FreedomBox software system has been released. This release coincides with the launch of Debian's latest stable version, Debian 10 (codenamed "Buster"). Since FreedomBox is a Debian Pure Blend, its release cycle follows Debian's release cycle.

The new stable version of FreedomBox is a big improvement over the previous stable version. It features a redesigned user interface, many more applications and features, and a streamlined user experience. Notable additions to the new version include the Matrix chat server, the Syncthing file synchronization server, the Searx internet metasearch engine, and the MLDonkey peer-to-peer file sharing server.

Thanks to the entire FreedomBox community for dedicating years of work to this new release!

Download and Test

The FreedomBox team spent two years building this new version of FreedomBox, and we are proud to release it to the world. Download it here: https://www.freedombox.org/download/stable/

FreedomBox software images are available for the following hardware and virtual machine targets:

If you want to install FreedomBox on hardware which is not listed above, but which is capable of running Debian, see these instructions on our wiki: https://wiki.debian.org/FreedomBox/Hardware/Debian

We encourage our supporters to test the new release and report any issues. Learn how to report bugs here: https://wiki.debian.org/FreedomBox/QualityAssurance