Supporting Two New Hardware Models

May 28th, 2019

We are pleased to announce that FreedomBox now supports two new hardware models: the Banana Pro™ single-board computer and the Pine64(+) single-board computer. This means that the FreedomBox team will publish operating system images for each of these two boards whenever a new version of FreedomBox is released. For now, images for these two boards are only available for the Testing and Nightly versions of FreedomBox, but images will be available for the Stable version soon. Download the images here.

About the Banana Pro™

The Banana Pro™ is an updated version of the well known Banana Pi™ single-board computer. The Banana Pro™ is widely used for free and open source software, and it enjoys compatibility with many Linux-based systems.

Technical specifications of the Banana Pro™ board are below:

Full technical specifications can be found here.

About the Pine64(+)

The Pine64(+) is the first 64-bit single-board computer made by Pine64. It is one of the more high-powered hardware models supported by FreedomBox, and a thriving community of Pine64 enthusiasts build operating system images for this single-board computer.

Technical specifications of the Pine64(+) board are below:

Full technical specifications can be found here.


With these two new models, the total number of hardware models for which the FreedomBox team creates custom images has grown to 12. Credit goes to Sunil Mohan Adapa and Joseph Nuthalapati for creating FreedomBox images for the Banana Pro™ and Pine64(+) boards.

Banana Pro™ and Banana Pi™ are trademarks of LeMaker.