A Manual for New Developers

Posted 2019-11-08

We are pleased to announce a new resource for the FreedomBox community: a manual that teaches new developers how to contribute code to FreedomBox. The manual is available at https://docs.freedombox.org/. The inaugural edition of the manual includes a tutorial about how to develop apps for FreedomBox.

The FreedomBox server system is developed by a global community of volunteers, although a number of contributors are sponsored by their employers to work on FreedomBox. Because our development community is open, we regularly welcome new contributors into our team. But in the past, new developers have had some trouble learning how to contribute code to FreedomBox, making it harder for less experienced developers to contribute. We hope that the manual for new developers will lower barriers for newcomers and make it easier for them to begin contributing code.

Current Contents of the Manual

The manual launches with a detailed guide titled, "Tutorial: Writing Apps for FreedomBox," which is divided into eight sections:

  1. Beginning
  2. Skeleton
  3. View
  4. Components
  5. Customizing
  6. Setup
  7. Other Changes
  8. Finishing

The core content of this tutorial is complete and ready for new developers to use. Please read the tutorial here: https://docs.freedombox.org/.


This manual is a community-driven effort. We thank the contributors who wrote this material!