Announcing the FreedomBox Forum and Live Demo

March 29th, 2019

Sales of the the much anticipated Pioneer FreedomBox Home Servers launch soon. And our team has been preparing for the day that hardware hits the market. In anticipation of sales, we are proud to launch two new services for our users: a FreedomBox Forum and a live demo of FreedomBox!

FreedomBox Forum

The new FreedomBox Forum is now live! The forum is built on Discourse, which is free and open source forum software.

Our forum will be the new home of discussions about FreedomBox. The forum welcomes users in need of support and team members who want to discuss technical topics. In particular, here's what you can find on our forum:

If you prefer email instead of the forum, then you can use the forum via email with the mailing list mode preference. With that mode, you'll be able to receive notifications and reply entirely via email.

Big thanks go to Sunil Mohan Adapa, our lead developer, for building the forum.

Live Demo of FreedomBox

We are also proud to launch a live demo of FreedomBox for anyone to use! The demo is a custom version of FreedomBox which comes with a few apps pre-configured and automatically resets itself every 30 minutes. Hop on the demo server and try it out! We want this demo to show potential users and buyers of Pioneer FreedomBox Home Servers what they could soon have in their homes. And if you want to try FreedomBox for longer than 30 minutes, we have also created a page for cloud demos.

We hope that this demo convinces you that FreedomBox has a place in your life!

Big thanks go to Joseph Nuthalapati, who was helped by Johannes Keyser, for building the demo server.