How We're Going To Do This

I want to thank all the generous and dedicated contributors who made our Kickstarter "0 to 60 in 30 days" campaign a resounding success. More than 1,000 contributors took us from 0 to almost 90 in those 30 days, and we are grateful to each of your for your support. We will do our best to justify your confidence.

Your donations will allow us to begin to coordinate contributions by volunteers from every corner of the Free World. Together, we will work to make our shared vision a reality.

Ours is a large undertaking with many moving parts. We at the FreedomBox Foundation are here to help communicate, facilitate, and spread the FreedomBox project around the world. We plan to administer the effort based on four organizational pillars:

  1. Functional software development and integration;
  2. User experience design, implementation and integration;
  3. Communications and fund-raising; and
  4. Industry relations

Each of these pillars will be led by an advisory committee, with all activities coordinated by a small full-time staff at the FreedomBox Foundation.

Advisory Committee membership will evolve, as developers and others who commit themselves heavily to the project step up. Initial nominations reflecting early commitments by leaders in our community will be announced shortly. Bdale and I have begun contacting initial members of the Technical Advisory Committee that Bdale will chair. Once assembled, that Committee's first activity will be to lead the public development of an initial road-map.

More announcements concerning process and schedule will appear here soon. In addition to our financial contributors, I want to thank also the wiki editors and mailing list writers who have contributed so many good ideas and so much positive energy to launch us on this adventure together.

Eben Moglen