The FreedomBox Foundation is just at the beginning of our efforts to collaborate with a worldwide community. We need to speak to everybody, everywhere, in their native language. That's why we're building translation into the project from the beginning.

Since most of our materials start out as video, the first step towards translation is transcription. If you speak English and want to help spread the message to a wider audience, please stop by the subtitle page to see what material needs transcription.

If you speak any other languages in addition to English, we need your help on our translation team. We are organizing language-based groups to collaborate on high quality translations of project materials, both the transcribed videos and the various web pages and news items on the foundation's site. If you are interested, please email or stop by the translate page for more details.

We'll provide mailing lists and other communication tools to help make collaboration as easy as possible but we can't do this without your help.

So email the FreedomBox Foundation at Tell us what languages you can help with. We'll put together teams.