FreedomBox Community

The FreedomBox software is actively developed by a horizontal network of contributors. This horizontal network continues to make tremendous progress in software development, often without the guidance of the FreedomBox Foundation. The community, therefore, manages a separate website where all software updates are posted and available for download for free. In addition, content related to FreedomBox is hosted on that website, such as educational introductions to our technology, user guides, and promotional content. Please be sure to check them out here.

In addition to managing a separate website, the FreedomBox community also uses a wiki hosted on the Debian website to document software development, coordinate goals and activities, and post blueprints of future content for the FreedomBox website. The wiki also hosts a large body of helpful material, including archived user support, FAQ's, and a user manuals translated into multiple languages. The FreedomBox Foundation in coordination with the FreedomBox community continue to transfer the most essential material from the wiki to the FreedomBox website.