The process of getting from idea to an organization and from organization to living, breathing, functioning reality can be long and difficult. It has taken the foundation almost a full year to move from idea to organization and events around the world are making it clear we can't wait another year before getting freedom boxes off of the technical design board and into people's lives. So we're making a break for it and trying to get off the ground in one big push via Kickstarter.

We're calling it "Push the FreedomBox Foundation from 0 to 60 in 30 days" and we're asking for your help to do just that.

Eben has estimated that the work of pulling all the software components necessary for a freedom box together and building them into one system can be done with $500,000. We're not trying to raise all of that money here. We just need enough funds to get off the ground and to demonstrate the size and determination of our community. That is the best motivator for everyone involved with the project, and the kickstarter pledge rewards are pretty cool too, so please do check it out.