Vanliga frågor

Vilka är stiftelsen Frihetslådan?

The FreedomBox Foundation was started by Eben Moglen as an organizational home for the various community development efforts that are already out there building freedom box systems.
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Är ni en ideell organisation?

Vi är en ideell organisation från Delaware som är underfull med att ansöka om 501(c)(3) igenkännande som en ideell organisation hos skatteverket. Detta betyder att vissa donationer kommer att vara avdragsgiltiga i USA om och när vår ansökan blir godkänd av skatteverket.

Var är Frihetslådan?

All over the globe. We have participants in dozens of countries and speaking many languages!

Vad är stiftelsens roll i Frihetslåds samfund?

Frihetslåds stiftelsen skapades för att tjäna 3 huvudsakliga uppgifter i samfundet:

När kommer jag kunna köpa en Frihetslåda?

You don't need to. We are going to provide the software for free to run on existing hardware platforms.

Vad kommer att göras med uppstarts finansieringen?

The biggest part of the work is getting a team together with solid integration and technical and user experience design skills so that we can start coming together on general design ideas and road maps. Getting the team in place is our biggest challenge right now. But as we've all seen, there are so many different places to start and so many different angles, it is easy to get stymied and lose momentum. So the Kickstarter goal is to get the foundation enough resources to enable it to start filling that role.

Basically, we need some dedicated time from people and some support activity to help them out; so there is that technical team, the legal work overhead for doing things like building the foundation, organizing local hack days and mini-conferences, some design and press, the usual.

Hur kommer finansieringen hjälpa Frihetslåds projektet att börja?

There are a lot of people who have expressed interest in the project, and even more firm commitments of time and effort, but it is too easy for all of that to keep in a holding pattern with everyone thinking that they will move after person X has moved or milestone X has been reached. Raising this money enable us to get some full time support and will shake up a lot of people who have been interested, but who are not yet convinced that now is the right time.

What is your development road map?

We will publish an initial general outline when we announce the Foundation's technical leadership, which we intend to do very soon. This outline will present a list of development priorities we feel are most important for encouraging real-world hardware and software uptake and for laying the infrastructure groundwork necessary to build additional functionality as the project matures.

We expect that the initial outline will be amended and refined in consultation with the community.

Varför Debian?

Varför Gratis Mjukvara?

Att publicera våra ansträngingar som Gratis Mjukvara möjliggör för människor att ha större förtroende i säkerheten hos deras mjukvara eftersom alla kan inspektera det för fel och svagheter. Det möjliggör också för oss att vida dela våra framsteg med fler personer genom att tillåta vårt arbete att inkorporeras i andra projekt. Och slutligen, detta projekt handlar om att möjliggöra för människor att kontrollera tekniken de använder i deras dagliga liv. Till den grad teknologi inte är fri, är inte de fria heller.

Kommer ni att använda teknologi a, b och c eller kommer x, y och z att användas?

The specific software components used to achieve our shared goals will be hammered out over the coming months. Once we release the initial outline, we will refine and amend it in consultation with the public. We will also solicit proposals asking the community how different technologies and architectures can be used to achieve the road map goals.

Vad är våra planer för tillfället?

As mentioned above, our first steps are to provide for the project's technical leadership, and release a road map of development priorities, which we hope to do very soon. From there, we will launch a series of local hack days and mini conferences to help organize and support all the developers interested in working on the project.

Men tänk om jag vill gå åt ett annat håll?

Please do! A lot of great ideas and viable technologies will not make it into an early release of the FreedomBox. We expect much valuable work to mature in development branches across the net. That work will end up in later releases or will help other projects pursuing goals similar to ours.

A strong ecosystem will involve a variety of development efforts exploring a variety of directions. One of the FreedomBox's goals will be to develop modular infrastructure to ease assembling those efforts into different configurations.

Vad är er målgrupp?

Among the project's goals is wide distribution of the FreedomBox, and so the target user is the average consumer. If you can use a smart phone, you should be able to use a FreedomBox.

Kommer ni att ersätta Facebook/Twitter/Flicker/o.s.v.?

The centralized systems of surveillance and control underlying current social networking tools have a firm grip on millions of people around the world. Even with the best software and the best hardware, shifting how people communicate is a large task and will take time. The Foundation was started because the longer that we do nothing, that harder it becomes.

Hur kan jag hjälpa till?

As we assemble dedicated staffing over the coming weeks, there will be many opportunities to get involved. For now, you can join the discussion, work on user-interface designs, develop free software technologies that protect privacy, or prepare boxes for testing the coming images and builds.

If your company makes technology relevant to our efforts, there are yet more ways to help. Contact us about donating engineering resources, funding, sourcing hardware or any other way you might contribute to our efforts.

How do I keep up with project developments?

We maintain a list of our many channels of communication. Come join the discussion!

Hur kan jag kontaktar projektet?

There are a variety of email addresses you can use., and all work. Right now they all go to one mailbox checked by two volunteers, so please give us time to respond. As this project staffs up, each function and email address will be taken over by a person more dedicated and qualified to respond.

Vem designade er logotyp?

Luka Marčetić designed the logo and freed his contribution for everybody to use.
Debian logotypen vilket är en del av Luka's design ligger under en annan license.