Worldwide community, many languages

The FreedomBox Foundation is just at the beginning of our efforts to collaborate with a worldwide community. We need to speak to everybody, everywhere, in their native language. That's why we're building translation into the project from the beginning.

We are organizing language-based groups to collaborate on high quality translations of project materials, both the transcribed videos and the various web pages and news items on the foundation's site. If you are interested, please sign up to the translation email list and introduce yourself. You can also subscribe to that list by emailing with subscribe il8n in the subject.

If you want to jump right in and help with translating videos, head over to our media page and click on the subtitle menu below any of the videos there. From that menu you will be able to add new translations and improve ay existing ones. If you have a modern browser, you can do it all from the website without having to install any additional software.

We can also translate this website using Transifex.

Language-Specific Email Lists

If it would help your translation efforts, we can create sublists for speakers of specific languages. So far, we have one for German speakers: i18n-german and one for Spanish speakers: i18n-es.