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There are a number of ways members of our community can help. This project is gaining focus, and as it does, the opportunities will multiply rapidly.

We are actively seeking people knowledge able about how to use privacy respecting software to write educational material (or develop content in another medium) to show the average computer user how to protect their privacy while communicating.

Some possible topics

* explain in non-technical terms how the technology used in the
  FreedomBox software collection works (Tor, VPN, PGP, SSL client
  certificate authentication)
* encrypted email
* private web browsing (blocking tracking)
* self hosting communications services (instant messaging, email)
* using a VPN
* good password management hygiene


The FreedomBox software collection is under active development but new contributors are always welcome. The software collection team primarily communicates using the FreedomBox Mailing list and on the [#freedombox IRC channel|irc://irc.oftc.net/freedombox] on OFTC. We also have monthly progress "calls" to get the whole team together to talk. People interested in contributing often start by listening in on a progress call. We have instructions posted for participating in the progress calls. No password or pre-approval is required just connect to call and start contributing!

We have a list of current tasks that reflect the current priorities for organizing and including easy to use privacy respecting software into the collection. Read Debian's wiki pages about FreedomBox to learn more about contributing.


La Fundación FreedomBox es una fundación sin fines de lucro situada en Delaware que descansa en el apoyo de la comunidad para continuar el movimiento social y técnico de FreedomBox. Si estás podés colaborar monetariamente, por favor visitá la página de donaciones.

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